Monday, January 18, 2010

Zip It!

Bobbie's love nest, built on lies.Bobbie's always telling the Professor to hush up! I wonder if Bobbie means talking ruins everything in general, or when the Professor in particular talks, he ruins everything. She'll probably mean it more specifically when he comes out with his whole "I can't smooch a married woman, no matter how crappy the marriage is" bit, which must be coming any day now. Right, Professor? Right?? Don't make me question everything I think I know about you.


mrvy said...

Why does the professor's hair seems to change arbitrairily from gray to brown and back again? That made be easier to explain than why the Professor put himself in a position to end up canoodling with Bobbie.

Maggie said...

The Professor's hair is brown only in the Sunday strips. I'm guessing they have a different illustrator and colorer on those days. Still, you'd think by this time they would've communicated with each other a little, set some common standards! Perhaps they're feuding. Neither is willing to budge on the issue of the Professor's hair color.