Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desirable: the Bobbie Merrill Story

Full sentences in italics are the last thing that will put the Professor at ease. Did he, Bobbie? Did he seem comfortable? When? Was it when he looked on grimly while you carressed his shoulder, or when you physically prevented him from talking and made him kiss you? Maybe it was when he was frequently interrupting your tour of the apartment with mild put downs and half-protests--that's what I do when I'm comfortable! Okay, sure, he was momentarily distracted by the beauty of the radiators. We all were. (you can see one gleaming in the corner even now... ah.) But it's a weak argument anyway, the Professor has been visably ill-at-ease the whole time.


Unless an unspecified amount of time has passed since yesterday's strip! Ah! How long have they been making out??


Megan said...

I think Universal Syndicate or whoever owns/puts out this strip should pay for the artist to get a course in drawing facial expressions. I mean Bobbie has the same vapid look even after she goes from a post-make out elation to crushing despair.

phoebes-in-santa fe said...

I don't think anybody from Universal Syndicate pays the least bit of attention to either 3-G OR Mary Worth. Both are badly written and badly drawn - which is a sourse of constant amusement for their readers!