Friday, January 29, 2010

Dream Job

Tommie vows to let out her inner wild and crazy redhead!Wanted: piano player for some sort of play I guess
Experience required: you have to be roughly as good as my sister
Hours: sporadic, if we get backing
Salary: wish I could pay you more

I'll take it! Ah... there goes 3G's most stable income. Oh well! This should be fun, and I think their apartment must be subsidized anyway.

Happy birthday Casey! This time on the right day. I was pretty close though, and you know I have a weird thing about flipping numbers.


Anonymous said...

When his "theatre" friends see that coat and scarf combo, believe me--they will all chip in for a bigger salary--or at least a gift card to the local big box store.

Marion Delgado said...

Zomg hilarity. best comics related want-ad ever - starts or redefines a genre.

WV: Ask your Greek-surnamed shrink lover if Capaten™ is right for you. It probably is. Woooo! it totally is!