Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Aunt Blaze

Does Blaze look super matronly in today's strip, or is it just me? This only fuels my desire to see Blaze and Tommie get together. Would A3G be the first mainstream comic strip to feature a lesbian couple? I mean, this is New York City, let's start acting like it. Tommie, please quit your job at the hospital, become a part of the theater scene, go Bohemian chic, and kiss some girls. Or guys! Whatever, just get interesting!

P.S. Sweet Aunt Blaze DEFINITELY sounds like I'm talking about marijuana.


mrvy said...
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mrvy said...

In Friday's strip, Tommie says "your sister Ruby" to Blaze. So that settles that. Will Tommie get a new wardrobe to celebrate her new musical career? "I Dressed in the Dark" could really help out here.

Still don't know if LuAnn is kin to Ruby and Blaze, though.

Casey said...

She is. I knew she was Blaze's cousin, and she's also the reason Ruby showed up in NYC, though I can't remember the details. So even though for some reason I had no idea Blaze and Ruby were related, they're apparently siblings, so that makes LuAnn cousin to both of them.

And Mags, Tommie and Blaze would make the perfect lesbian couple.