Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lu Ann is the Coolest

"Tori thinks it's much more exciting to hang out on the street corner outside the gallery meeting up with strangers and hurling quarters at vagrants.  But I'd much rather be in here painting squiggles with you.  You're sooo cool.  I wish my hair was like yours.  I love your belt!  Oh my gosh, how have I never noticed your waist before? You're so skinny!  What are you doing? Pilates? Juicing? Coffee Enema?  We brush each other's hair and tell each other secrets."


DaveSF said...

Not sure that LuAnn loves "panting" quite as much as jailbait here. Yes, a typo in A3G, can you believe?!

Maggie said...

!!! A typo?? Mr. Bolle must've been so nervous about his decision to draw Lu Ann's waist and (gasp!) hips that he made a little Freudian slip. Either that or Marty is already under Tori's alternative influence!

DaveSF said...

How many times have we seen a waist? Not until now? I dunno, but it's at least as rare as last night's blue moon.

Tori is a phantom,BTW. A figment, if you will. Oh wait, she just showed up! Scissor sisters then. This could be a great opp for A3G to explore homonormal relations.