Friday, August 9, 2013

Fire Away, Zoey!

Nevermind the retro attitudes here about how marriages come to pass or what's considered desirable in a woman, I've totally given up on this being 2013. But I mean, you guys should go on a date first, really. Talk. Hold hands. Kiss. Learn about past failed engagements. (Lu Ann is not the quick-to-marry type, Gov!)


Carlye said...

Maggie, you're so old fashioned. To paraphrase Jane Austen, "it is best to know as little as possible about the man you're going to marry".

NonnyMus said...

Exactly! You can't get a more up-to-date source of wisdom than Jane Austen!!

Besides, Gov. Trog must care about Lu Ann... he knows her name!

Marge said...

Jane Austen was a satirist. A descendant of one of her brothers has recently written an advice book based on her writings.
"...looking for a mother figure..."? It has occurred to me that Zoey might actually be his mother. Same hair color and she asks personal questions. It's not uncommon for children to call parents by first name or to have different last names.