Monday, August 5, 2013

Not Fair

AWWW YEAH! No one can do it like Margo. I feel like Casey, Megan and I have been spending weeks racking our brains on how to comment on this storyline, which is by turns sad, boring, offensive, and baffling (was Cole's story not enough without introducing a brain tumor on top of everything). We should've just done it the Margo way! HEY LU ANN, life's not fair, get used to it. For example, Margo just got dumped by her boyfriend who she refused to talk to, and then she got a hangnail on top of everything. THAT'S LIFE, BABY!


Inkwell said...

...That settles it. I'm doing a Han Margo cosplay next year.

Barking Monkey said...

Hehe, I can see Inkwell now: ‘Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good pointin’ finger at your side, kid’.

So there’s been a fair bit of griping about the Cole storyline, but I'll confess I’m loving it. It’s so much fun to imagine Shulock (in my imagination she wears a pointy witches hat,) stooped over her desk randomly opening to a page in her ‘Physician’s Desk Reference’ and cackling “What malady shall I afflict Mr Spencer with today…HEE HEE HEE HEEEEE.” I like to think there’s a voodoo doll involved as well.

Maggie said...

Inkwell, you'll have to find someone to be your Tommie3PO! I mean, someone has to hold your purse/blaster.

Next on the Cole Spencer hit parade: distemper!