Saturday, August 24, 2013

Super Cool

"Tori, this place is awesome!  You've got it all!  Two squiggle prints, a floating lamp shade and heavy draperies!  Did you hire a decorator or did you do it yourself?"

Oh Marty, you should have known that Tori was way too cool for you. I mean you wear glasses.  Hasn't popular culture taught you that young girls with glasses are hopeless nerds yet?  Now why don't you run home and play with your chemistry kit and leave the rebellion to the cool kids.


Inkwell said...

It's not been too long since I was a teenager, so my memories are fresh. Teenhood mostly contained being irritated at stuffy writers' ideas of teenhood.

Sugar Packet said...

How did these girls find each other and mutually decide they would be friends? I don't get it. Unless this is all an elaborate, cruel prank on Marty.