Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We're Friends!!

Is Cole so embarrassed to be getting the "I like you as a friend" brush-off that he has literally exploded, the contents of his body instantly evaporating with an ignominious and somewhat absurd "click"? Or did Mr. Bolle just forget to draw him in the second panel? Discuss.


Mark said...

Don't look now, Lu Ann, you and your levitating coffee cup are about to be struck by lightning! Sadly, that would be the most entertaining thing about this strip in MONTHS.
Seriously, how old is Cole supposed to be? Sometimes he is drawn as a relatively younger man (30ish, as I'm assuming we're supposed to believe Lu Ann is) and then there are days like today where he appears to be around 70.
Can we just forget the Lu Ann antics and cut to the poorly drawn adventures of Tommie in Italy?

Sugar Packet said...

Forget Cole, look how old Lu Ann looks in the second panel! Maybe she's just squinting in discomfort at having to bellow "WE'RE FRIENDS!!" over the phone.

OH YEAH, where's Tommie??

Gladys Kravitz said...

I suppose the next time we see Marty, she'll be drinking, smoking, rolling down her stockings and rouging her knees.

Barking Monkey said...

I’m pretty sure Cole’s still there Maggie. It’s just that his new disease-of-the-week is albinism (albinoism? Save me Grammer Guy, you’re my only hope!) and with his white shirt against the white background in panel 1 he’s invisible. My backup theory is that the overall whiteness of the everyone in the A3G world finally reached critical mass.