Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Deep in My Heart

Ah, Margo is back, and in fine form! "Keep your chin up! You don't want to start sobbing. Well, I don't want you to start sobbing. It's so unseemly to have emotions. Just, you know, smile. Ugh, but not like that, what is wrong with you??"

Well readers, it's the holiday season, so whoop-dee-doo, and dickery dock, and we're going to take a short break here at LLA3G. We'll be back with a big recap on January 6th, and I'll try to post some holiday goodies in between.

Happy holidays, y'all!


NonnyMus said...

Happy Holidays, Maggie! Thank you for another year of snark and laughs!!

molly said...

A3G is just trying to prepare us for our mothers' (including step, in-law, and grand) mothering this holiday season. "Now, now. You're so pretty when you smile, why don't you do it more often? Come on, make your mother happy. For once!"