Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everyone's Awake

Looks like the colorist was so shocked by the rare appearance of Lu Ann's hips in the first panel that he or she forgot to color in the rest of the wall.  Luckily the wall-mounted table-height toaster is the expected gray.  Got to focus on the important details.


Elaine said...

I'm just curious, what did Lu Ann expect Marty to say?? 'No, I'm asleep.'? 'No, I'm in your dream.' 'No, you're in MY dream, so get out!'

Anonymous said...

New chairs were delivered in honor of the good news.

Margo's Shaking Finger said...

New chairs were delivered,unwrapped and set up in the instant between sentences! Plus the delivery people were tipped (presumably) and snatched away the old chairs!

A3-G Land is a miraculous place indeed!

(Is that institution-size toaster in the dining room or are there drapes like that in the kitchen? If the latter, how do they keep them free of grease??)

Ken said...

My favorite part is Marty's pouty lips and folded arms.