Friday, December 6, 2013

Five Hundred Dollars More

Well that bombshell had.... exactly zero impact. It seems like the more Lu Ann learns, the less impact it's having on her attitude. "Stop punishing yourself for betraying your veteran single dad, who's struggled to overcome alcoholism and PTSD to raise you before succumbing to a brain tumor. I mean, five hundred dollars, what is that even? Ever since the Governor's prize patrol started funding my art classes, I've been spending that much a week on pedicures."


Slap Bet Commissioner said...

Marty seems hysterical. Lu Ann should slap her. Or call Margo to do it because she MEANT IT!

Did anyone notice the few days when the colorist bothered to color Marty's lenses? Now they're back to empty frames. Make a choice dammit!

DWET said...


Marge said...

A teaching moment...but we can just ignore it!