Sunday, January 27, 2013

Swing, Swing

Really uncredited colorist?!?  You have orange at your disposal and you use it for Margo's walls when there are clearly flames?  How can I take this "fire" seriously when it looks like cotton candy?

I agree with Maggie that this probably isn't a fire, there's way too much build up.  We all know that anything that gets built up in the A3G verse only leads to bitter disappointment.  I only hope that Fire Marshall Greg uses this opportunity to improve his ax swinging technique.  And that if it is a fire that anyone bothers to check if Tommie has succumbed to smoke inhalation.


Doodle Bean said...

Note what Greg is wearing in this strip, then compare and contrast with what he is wearing in Monday's strip.

It must be a magic axe to suddenly change his clothes like that.

And was it ever explained why Greg could just walk into Apt 3G, but needed an axe to get into Margo's room?

Anonymous said...

The door is clearly ajar in the last strip and this one. I think Greg just like to use any excuse to swing an axe.

Anonymous said...

Margo's going to die with Greg chops up her apartment. He just gets so into it!

Ken said...

She is not waking up because your thought bubbles are not audible Greg. Use your words. MARGO WAKE UP! a good start. Also stop with the baby swings and man up.

James in North Dakota said...


C'mon, you were thinking it, too.