Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things That Go Pop in the Night

When Greg's dreams of Margo are a rockin', don't come a knockin'.  Seriously, did Evan just detonate a bomb in Margo's apartment?  Things have escalated.  Wasn't he already kind of beating Margo by taking her clients away from her?  Was this necessary?  Greg has surprisingly good understanding of both auditory and physical stimuli for supposedly being asleep.  I've slept through fire alarms on two separate occasions, and one time I was convinced that the siren's wail was emanating from my tiny travel alarm clock, which I then attempted to stop by repeatedly smashing the snooze button.

Do you think Greg locked the door on his way out?  Is Margo going to succumb to pink smoke inhalation?  There's no way that was a bomb right?  RIGHT?!?  I TAKE BACK WANTING TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH TOMMIE, JUST TELL ME MARGO WILL LIVE TO EVISCERATE ANOTHER INNOCENT SOUL!


Maggie said...

Actually, I kind of understand why Greg would be up and alert, I usually sleep pretty crappy when I've been out drinking too. In fact, if I had as much to drink as Margo, I'd probably already be wide awake by now, slumped on the couch watching Bonanza on Nick at Nite.

Allen said...

Right... because all gunshots sound like "POP".

Ken said...

Pop does not shake a room.