Tuesday, February 19, 2013

All Smiles

Everyone put on your most forced and unnatural smiles, Margo's going to pull through!  It was a little bit dicey there for a while, what with all the sugar coating and possible tissue damage.  Greg seems pretty pleased with himself in the last panel; he can't wait to go and get his hero's welcome from Margo and her next of kin.  He was so brave!  Risking his own hands to save his one true love and no one else!  He was so concerned with her that he ignored an older man who rushed to save everyone in the building, then promised to stick with this older gentlemen after he complained of chest pain and shortness of breath, only to abandon him out of concern for Margo.


Ken said...

If I know Margo, she'll question why Greg wasn't at her bedside this entire time. And I don't know Margo because she's a fictional character and all.

These kind of traumatic events bring people closer together except that Margo slept through the whole thing. She'll have to take Greg's word about the bravery stuff because the other eyewitness to the axe-door smashing is dead. Ari is dead. Dead. Burnt cheese on the bottom of the oven dead.

NonnyMus said...

Ari? Ari who? Evan-the-felon? Evan-the-felon who?

J.R. Clark said...

Greg Cooper will return as 007 in GOLDPARKA...er...YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.