Friday, February 15, 2013

Rough Day

It was smart of Tommie to whip up those fake tears and deflect how she somehow lost the Professor, because now she can get the conversation back to what she's interested in: how she and Lu Ann are going to divide up Margo's stuff when she kicks it.
Tommie: I hope Margo will be okay, but honestly, it could go either way at this point. So what do you think we should do with her room? You want to flip a coin for it, or should we finally set up that crafting room we've been talking about?
Lu Ann: Wait, Tommie, I'm confused--shouldn't you be looking for the Professor?
Tommie: He's fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, Lu Ann....! Just a little tired.
Professor: (charred, smoking body halfway down the apartment stairs) My.... chest....
Paramedic: Buddy, you know I can't help you until you reach the lobby area. (filing his nails)
Professor: (body disintegrates into a pile of dust)
Paramedic: Welp! My hands were tied. (packs up first aid kit)


Allen said...

I find it hilarious how the conversation keeps switching back to how Margo's condition is, regardless of EVERYONE knowing the professor is most likely being burned alive as they speak.


"I dunno."

"Ah well, Margo is fine!"

J.R. Clark said...

Greg Cooper will return as 007 in "BURNTFINGER"...erm..."FIREBALL"

NonnyMus said...

LOL! Too bad for Ari the firefighters never bothered to show up for the fire. Just that one EMT fellow... I guess the FDNY/EMS joint Valentmas party was really good this year* and nobody wanted to leave for just some old guy.

*The way time goes in A3G, the party may have been going on since 1973!

Ken said...

A very rough day. I couldn't find a single place to set my purse down. And now the professor is...oh how I wish Margo were here to tell me how to think.

Longshanks said...

Why isn't Lu Ann on a plane, bus, or donkey back to NYC to be by Margo's side?

Daniel said...

You stand in the line just to hit a new low. You're faking a smile with the coffee you go. You tell me your life's been way off line. You're falling to pieces every time. And I don't need no carryin' on.

Because you had a bad day.