Monday, February 4, 2013

Nurses' Quarters

Hmm, Ari just started showing early signs of a heart attack, I wonder why we suddenly changed perspectives to Tommie in the hospital? P.S. I love that Tommie works at the only hospital in New York where nurses still wear those paper hats. That must've factored into her decision to work there. Plus all the nurses get to wear white coats like the doctors! Very egalitarian.


Doodle Bean said...

IIRC, the hats were starched ironed linen and evolved from the nun-like headscarves worn by nurses in the 19th century. It's a weird blast from the past, isn't it?

Carlye said...

They are probably bringing Margo into the hospital, and they need Tommie to deal with her obnoxious yelling for a "latte, NOW, peasants"!

J.R. Clark said...

Told ya this strip is set in 1963/1964.

Now I'm just waiting for LuAnn to return from Dallas since Ruby's been taken into custody after shooting Oswald.

Maybe she was in on the whole plot to assassinate JFK because she blamed the president for her husband being shot down over Vietnam.

Ken said...

The colorist confused the two nurses and switched their shirt colors. I blame Frank for not changing their hair color and switching where they are in the panels.

On the other hand, the colorist must not be paying attention anymore.

We've encountered these nurses hats previously. To the archives!

Maggie said...

Ken, you're right, we have seen these old-timey nurse hats before, but I continue to be dazzled by them! And one day, you know we're going to look for the hats and they're going to be gone. If I don't talk about them as much as possible while they're here--well, I'll just kick myself later for it. YOLO, guys. YOLO with the hats.