Saturday, February 9, 2013


"But I was in your apartment last night/week, and I didn't see any evidence of Margo having a roommate!"  Geeze Tommie, maybe you should go home every once and a while and meet your neighbors.  "Paging a psych consult on 1..."


NonnyMus said...

At Mahattan General, nurses outnumber patients 2:1 even on Christmas Eve (or whenever this is), especially when there's just been a major apartment fire!

That enables the triage nurse to spend lots of time with each patient!

Elaine said...

But what exactly IS Tommie's job there? Midwife? Voodoo Queen? What??? I'm sure she can do just about anything at Manhattan General, given the way that place seems to run.

NonnyMus said...

Ari must've died on that upper floor in the apartment building and Greg just left him there -- that's why Greg is so shook up and all fugue-y like that.

Ken said...

I'm not making much sense.

No, but when it comes to Margo, nothing makes much sense. And you are in horrific pain since your skin is falling off your hands. I'm a great triage nurse.