Thursday, February 21, 2013

He's James Bond, You Know!

Da-ADDDDD...! Didn't you know Greg Cooper was James Bond? didn't? Damn. I've really been meaning to put out that press release.


NonnyMus said...

A Thursday post on Friday?!? Time on this blog is getting as crazy as time in A3G-Land!

Meanwhile, on Friday, Margo's enjoying some treatments at Manhattan General Pretend Hospital and Health Spa. She's already had a haircut and is about to get something called 'a breathing treatment'. Neat!

Marion Delgado said...

Somewhere where A3-G is discussed there was a consensus that Margo is actually a GREAT publicist - pretty much in a class by herself. She realized years ago that rather than actually work for her clients and do things, she'd concentrate the publicity - on herself. And look. She works no more than once a week, never lifts a finger for a client, and yet her reputation is 5-star and she hast to turn away business.

Probably Eric could have got her to actually do publicity or public relations for him. Maybe. But all that's powder over the cravass now.

Ken said...

I look pale? Have you seen your previously Hispanic mother?