Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Knew It!

You should have known that Evan would escalate from flattering Margo into a false sense of security while stealing Margo's clients to constructing a bomb, elaborately wrapping it in graph paper and leaving it in her closet while dressed like the Gorton's fisherman?  That's impressive foresight. 

Isn't Martin wealthy?  He couldn't spring for IHOP?  The Manhattan General Cafeteria selection looks...nonexistent.  Greg will be much more able to regale Martin and Gabriella with the Evan backstory if he's got a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity under his belt.


Ken said...

The police seem very forthcoming with details about an ongoing investigation.

I want pancakes now.

Maggie said...

Yeah totally, nice cafeteria you've got there at Manhattan General. They're just going to pick up a tray and wander around this empty room for a while, I guess. ANYWAY! Evan better not be Mr. Suspecty Confessalot, because damn, what a wimpy conclusion for him!

NonnyMus said...

But how did Greg know? Unless he was in on it, I mean.