Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Be a Hero!

After one millisecond of tension that Greg might be taking on too much just to "be a hero," it turns out... the Professor just did all the work for him. What?? Are there only three floors? How did he empty the entire building? Wasn't everyone asleep? I guess everybody else is a much lighter sleeper than Margo. Hey wait, I'm not seeing any hilarious sound effects for the fire detectors. Or any sprinkler system, for that matter! Hey, who owns this building anyway?


Inkwell said...

Wait, did Aristotle sacrifice his lovely facial hair for the safety of his fellow man?

'Cause... that's sort of awesome. But also pretty ugly.

NonnyMus said...

That's not Ari. That panting fellow looks 20 years younger than Ari! Also, he appears to be doctor, scientist or butcher with that white coat.

I do like how that psychedelic smoke is so well behaved that Greg and the doctor don't have to crawl along the ground in order to breathe!

Sugar Packet said...

My God! Professor Aristotle has turned into... I don't know, some kind of southern gentleman, I guess? Or a valet? Depends on if he's taking people's car keys or handing out mint juleps.

J.R. Clark said...

Ari has DEFINITELY morphed into a dissolute 1850s Southern planter...why, he even has (pant, pant) the "vapors"!

Ken said...

Sunday's recap leads me to believe Ari is either having a heart attack or Greg is talking to Ari's ghost who will lead Greg to safety.

Wearing white after Labor Day? What will Margo say?