Friday, March 29, 2013


I feel like this is all some hilarious game of philanthropic chicken.
Lu Ann: The art class won't cost a dime, Margo. It's all coming out of my pocket. Wait, do I have any money? Art classes aren't that expensive, right? I'll just have the kids draw on the back of Mills Gallery brochures.
Margo: Okay, but you're my curator, Lu Ann. Is this project going to infringe on your work hours? Jeez, I forgot about the Mills. Do we still put up art, or charge admission, or what? I'll have to check the books. Do we have books? Maybe Tommie has them.
Lu Ann: Not for a second, Margo--I promise! Eff, I should really get over there and see if there's still art hung up. Did I lock the door behind me last time I left? 


Ken said...

Lu Ann's forehead in panel one is freaking me out.

NonnyMus said...

That grey book stuck to your right shoulder might be a Mills Gallery book, Lu Ann. Too bad it became unstuck(?) and fell to the floor(?) in Panel 2.

Do books even fall to the floor in A3-G Land? I see them laying on things, but have never seen the floor to see if they're there, also. It's nice to think they're just hovering at waist level!

Obtuse said...

It's touching to see that Margo's brush with death has taught her what's really important in life.

Anonymous said...

Now Lu Ann is 'presenting' to Margo. What kind of pervs are these young women?!?