Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Generation

I hope that Gary having a brown headstone doesn't mean he's interred in the special section of Arlington reserved for cowards.  Seriously, everyone knows that those headstones are all white, what are you doing colorist?  You got those ones in the back right.

According to Gary's date of birth, we're very close to the same age, which means that the woman with the Farrah flip and Peter Pan collar is supposed to be of my peer group.  I'm guessing that Frank Bolle missed this past season of Girls?

The spoken sob is the most wrenching human grief sound, few can resist it's siren call.  Does Lu Ann, empowered by visiting Gary's cardboard headstone, become a passionate anti-war activist?   Or will she fall into a doomed romance with the off-panel voice which will presumably belong to a "handsome" (Paul Linski in uniform) veteran, who will help her get over Gary, but will probably be redeployed/consumed by carnivorous mist?


Maggie said...

Oh my god. Frank Bolle watching Girls.

Ken said...

I thought Lu Ann was calling Gary a Son Of a Bitch for dying and leaving her alone.