Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Say It Again Sister

Margo couldn't have expressed more perfectly how I feel about this "storyline."  I suppose I should care, but I don't.  But I have to because Maggie was all like "Oh, I feel like the blog needs different voices, you guys make me laugh so much, you'll be great at posting!"  And I'm the one sitting here on Tuesday night trying to think of pithy, funny comments about this yawn of a strip while she's probably watching DVRed episodes of Ru Paul Drag Race in her pajamas eating something delicious.  Well played my friend, well played.


Lost in the Worthiverse said...

You make a good point. Your life and jealousy make a more interesting story than what's going on at A3-G right now.

I'm still feeling a weird sense of betrayal by Shulock for just stopping the story as she did. An interesting, if befuddling, setup has just turned out to be a dud, as if Evan's bomb had just fizzled a little and went out.

The most frustrating bit is that there isn't even anything there to mock. Greg's jacket and the stilted language, sure, but that's about it. I guess Shulock should care, but she just doesn't.

Allen said...

Now to move on to Margo's tepid relationship with Greg. I can't wait to see their lukewarm bedroom scenes in which they talk to each other while sitting on a bed! And Margos complete indifference about almost getting blown up by a psychopath and waking up from a near death experience? It doesn't get any better than this!

And by "better" I mean "soul-crushingly devoid of emotion, joy, or meaning".

J.R. Clark said...

"My name is Bland. James Bland."

Maggie said...

Ha! It's funny because it's true, I was watching RuPaul's Drag Race last night! The lipsynch for your life was a barn burner. What a show.

Scott P. said...

So, what exactly happened?

We're led to believe that Evan deliberately tried to bomb Margo -- for reasons never completely explained. He was going to give her a bomb that looked like a present.

So Evan wears a bright yellow poncho and cheerfully asks for someone to open the door for him -- doesn't seem like he wanted to remain inconspicuous.

Evan then is surprised that Margo isn't in her room, and decides to hide it inside. What was his original plan? Was it to leave it on her doorstep? Was the present supposed to blow up when she opened it? If so, why leave it in the closet? Why show up at her apartment when she might be home?

Or was it supposed to be a delayed incendiary device? Then what is the point of making it look like a present and putting it on her doorstep? She might open it and realize what it was! Of course, if it was meant as a instakill, the question remains why it self-"detonated" in her closet.

Scott P. said...

My theory is that Shulock went in for her yearly meeting with her editor, and told him what she was planning to do with the plot, and the editor said "That's boring -- hey, here's an idea, why not make Evan's present a bomb instead?"

Ken said...

OK, you were watching Ru Paul but what delicious thing were you eating?