Monday, March 4, 2013

The Trial

You can tell it's a few weeks later because, my god, look how faded Greg's yellow jacket is. Evan must've had to buy a new one twice a month, back in the day!

Anyway, if you were hoping for a long, emotional courtroom drama, or even just a quick peek at the sentencing, sorry! Margo heard that it's all over, and that's enough closure for all of us. The Case of the Double-Crossing Office Assistant who Emotionally Used His Boss to Help His Crotchety Aunt but Then Suddenly Decided to Bomb his Boss's Apartment for Reasons Unknown and Then Also Suddenly Turned Himself In Immediately After Said Bombing Even Though There's No Way He Would've Gotten Caught is closed!

Now what's this about Aunt Cathy?


Inkwell said...

I'm hoping he gets off for good behavior by giving everyone big, checkered Christmas presents.

Scott P. said...

Evan was the Joker!

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

Whew! I'm so glad that long, drawn-out, harrowing drama is over and done with, never again to be referred to by any inhabitant of A3-G Land!

What a relief!

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

Based on the fact that Greg and Margo are outside without coats, I assume that all the "a month later" and "a few weeks pass..." and such have added up to months and it's now Spring in A3-G Land Manhattan.

Hey! Maybe it's May Day and that's why Greg's dressed so weirdly! I'm talking about the old fashioned May Day, when people made May baskets for each other and dressed in their new Spring clothes and no, I'm not making this up!

J.R. Clark said...

Greg Cooper will return as 007 in THUNDERBORE.

Ken said...

Don't assume Greg.