Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Margo Unhinged

Did Tommie dress in a chef's uniform to cook breakfast for Margo and Lu Ann?  I don't blame Margo for wanting a full dose of caffeine before she hears whatever moving tribute and, let's be honest with ourselves, complete let down of an idea Lu Ann is going to need her PR expertise with.  "You want to do something to honor Gary?  Wasn't he that blonde guy that wanted you to move to Hoboken?  I mean you should really just move on, it's been like thirty years...or seven.  It's only been two days and I've already stopped wearing my emerald promise ring from what's his name.  Do you want cream?"

It's good to know that the searing flames and severe tissue damage did nothing to melt Margo's cold, dark heart. 


Lost in the Worthiverse said...

LOL! I do think those flames were more psychedelic than searing, but we can afford to disagree, can't we?

NonnyMus said...

Do you think Failure Frank may have actually put the ring on the correct hand this time?

If you have time, maybe you should start a pool of guesses when Greg will show up again... just make sure that "Never" is a choice!!

Anonymous said...

Naw, Margo's already hocked the ring for booze!

Co-worker at Water Cooler said...

It was clever of Margaret and Frank to have the "Morning at 3-G and..." lead in on Monday. Otherwise I would be confused as to why Margo would need coffee before listening to Lu Ann. It's morning and Margo needs coffee. It makes sense to me now. People drink coffee in the morning.

I wonder if Lu Ann is drinking tea because there is a teapot in the 2nd panel and Margo is pouring from a carafe on Tuesday. Lu Ann didn't make any comments about drinking tea. I'm curious if it's herbal or caffeinated.