Sunday, March 31, 2013

Works For Me

"Lu Ann, have you heard of the new James Bond picture Emeralds are Fleeting?  It's only my most successful recent promotional campaign.  Still no?  Well you were on an isolated ranch for months.  Rest assured, that's the same intense, hands-on promotion that I'm going to give to your little gallery project.  Although, my assistant position is open so we might not achieve full James Bond, but I'm sure Tommie could run off a few flyers for me after she's done cleaning up the breakfast service."


Ken said...

@Anonymous (yesterday's strip) - You were right about the presenting as can be seen in today's strip where Margo is steadying Lu Ann.

Or Margo was afraid Lu Ann might fall over after she agreed to let her use the Mills Gallery.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Margo has sent the emerald to be appraised.