Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Over It

He served in Vietnam? Hey, maybe he knew Gary 1.0!

So Mary never got over it, but I guess Mr. Clark is alright with the whole thing - hopefully he gives her a step-by-step plan for getting over it, so that she can totally forget about Gary by the time this whole thing needs to be awkwardly retconned again and Lu Ann meets an elderly gentleman whose son died in Afghanistan while she mourns Gary's loss during the Robot Wars of 2030.


Lost in the Worthiverse said...

Excellent blog post! The line about the 2030 robot wars made me snort out loud!!

I guess that Lu Ann doesn't really understand the controversies of both the Vietnam War (in which Gary 1.0 lost his life) and Iraq/Afghanistan Wars (in which Gary 2.0 lost his life)* with that "you must have been proud of him" instead of the more sensible, "what did you think when he went?".

We wouldn't expect anything more from LuAnn

*it still makes me laugh to think Lu Ann married two guys named Gary Powers. The first time she was 18 and the second time she was 58 (or 12 and 52, respectively)!!

Scott P. said...

I bet LuAnn was heartbroken when she learned her husband was shot down over the Soviet Union.

Sugar Packet said...

I'm pretty sure Gary died in the Crimean War, guys. Or maybe the First Crusade.

Flapjack said...

"...whose son died in Afghanistan while she mourns Gary's loss during the Robot Wars of 2030."

I think I love you.

Lost in the Worthiverse said...

Naw, Mr. Clark never got over it, either. He's lurked around Arlington Local Cemetery down the corner for the past 45 years looking for people he can talk to about his loss.

Ken said...

I did some math. Liam was 19. Let's assume Mr Clark was 18 when Liam was born. Vietnam ended in 1974. If my buzzed math is correct and my assumptions make sense, Mr Clark was born in 1937 and is now at least 76 years old.

I have no point. Just needed to analyze.