Saturday, March 2, 2013

Something Has Happened

This is NOT the denouement I was anticipating. I doubt we'll ever see Evan again, or the delightful Aunt Cathy, who began the strip with such promise. The only thing we get is a single strip of the Professor being like "Fooled ya! Didn't burn to death in a fire!" and this tepid declaration of love. "Something has happened to me." "Oh, Greg! Say no more, I'm yours forever! Don't worry about Eric, he bit it years ago! Now kiss me, and let us never speak of Evan again."


Mark said...

Something has happened, all right: A giant let down.
One can only hope this conversation is foreshadowing Eric's return from the dead to complicate Margo's snooze fest of a love life.

Inkwell said...

Sweet. So will they go the "he never died, it was an imposter" route, or perhaps show him making a deal with the devil in hell? I can't wait!

Ken said...

Not much experience with love? Really? Telling me you love me by saying something has happened seems like great way to tell me how you feel. Next you'll tell me that you think it moved.

Margo, my naughty bits are all tingly.

Robert said...

Eric is classified as "need to know" and clearly Greg "you never need to know!"