Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Carol Collins

Carol Collins! That's perfect. The alliteration mirrors her character's preference for color matching. AND, bonus points, if she blew the back out instead of in, I think Carol could sport Mrs. Brady's signature haircut!

Anyway. Any chance Carol is with PETA?


Margo Magee said...

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." ?!?!?!?

Carol Collins, stop talkin' smack! Oh, the effrontery of it!

Barking Monkey said...

I basically see two possibilities – 1- Jack has told all his associates to lie if Carol asks about his location (can you blame him?) and she knows it, or 2 – Everyone (but Tommie) in Happiness Falls knows that Jack uses the ‘Emergency Call’ excuse when he wants to visit his secret pot crop in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I want to hold your hand! Color me yellow, I want to hold your hand.