Friday, May 23, 2014

You Got Me!!

Carol, what are you doing out there, champ! She's got you on the ropes, for basically no reason, so all she's saying is that some ladies in Happiness Falls are superficial! Instead of admitting defeat, try kicking off the Saturday strip with one of these bon mot:

  • "Perhaps the ones you know a bit dumb.
  • "Perhaps your mom is a bit shallow." 
  • "Perhaps your face is a bit shallow." 

and of course, you know how I'm going to bring this home,

  • "Perhaps your mom's face is a bit shallow." 

I could go on, but I'm trying to keep it clean here. Anyway, I bet any one of those would totally deflate Tommie's "Ta da!" pose she's striking at the end of her sick burn.


Aldo K said...

I really love studying the sequential strips of this conversation. First they face each other. Then they trade places. Then they turn away from each other ("Talk to the butt!"), then they face each other, then they turn away from each other. If any of you 3-G fans are feeling creative, how about posting a video of a reenactment of this (or just about any other) 3-G conversation? I'm still trying to perfect the looking-back-over-the-shoulder technique of making a meaningless point.

molly said...

Clearly, they are having a butt-pinching contest and Tommie is finally the victor! "Ouch! You got me! This time..."

Ken's orange Overcoat said...


I used to run an performance group and the rule was, "You're in charge of implementing your own ideas." It saved on the emotional wear-and-tear, believe me!

Sugar Packet said...

I think Carol physically shrank from that insult! Good for Tommie, she's really turned the tables with that mild rebuke!

NonnyMus said...

"Jack Riley is a kind and compassionate man, Carol! He just happens to come across as a sadistic jerk!!"