Thursday, May 15, 2014

Certified Animal Namer

Ha! I see what you did there. Instead of just calling her "the mare," you called her "Mary!" Genius! You are now fully qualified to take on the care of a horse all by yourself. Yes, it's just that easy.

PS: I don't think Jack is really a vet.


Aldo K said...

Speaking of Lily, I've been wondering for some time weather deer actually bleat. We get deer in our yard fairly often, and I don't recall ever hearing one bleat. But, it turns out that deer really do bleat!

So, let's hand it to Team Bolle-Shulock for actually adhering to some aspect of reality!

Ken's Orange Overcoat said...


In case you don't know, that 'some aspect of reality' is Japanese. It makes as much sense as anything else in this strip that Tommie would find a Japanese breed of deer in Pittsburgh!

efd said...

I just saw this tweet and had to share it here (because pretty much nobody I know will understand why it made me start laughing).

Barking Monkey said...

Guys I'm musical this week, here's song #2:

(Fugue For the Tinhorns: from Guys and Dolls )

I got the horse right here, Doc says she’s full of fear,
But he didn’t warn Tommie till she’d hurt her rear.
Can do, Can do, this Vet says Tommie can do
If he says Tommie can do, Mary, screw you.

I picked the angry colt, against a car he’ll bolt
Your Studebaker he’ll give a nasty jolt
If you park too close, he’ll give the hood a dose
Seems that horse shooing makes this colt morose

But take Lily the deer, she rarely will appear
Since the plot’s moved on she’s stuck in that motel, I fear.
One thing is sure as heck, ask Jack the Quack (the vet)
Tommie’s never taking off that turtleneck!

Mary, Angry Colt, Lily
I got the Horse, Right, HEEEERE!

Elaine said...

I think Tommie meant 'Mare-y'. Giving that horse a real name might be giving Tommie too much credit.

Allen said...

Lily went back to the apartment, where a starving Margo is STILL waiting for her dinner. Slaughter ensues. Meanwhile, Tommie is now contemplating taking the horse back to the apartment.

Maggie said...

Mary the Mare is like the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. TOMMIE YOU ARE A GROWN WOMAN, you can do better than that!

@efd: Just imagine the hilarity when the cops decide to raise the little guy in the police station!

and Guys and Dolls for the win! For anyone not familiar with the music, hear the tune here and then read Barking Monkey's lyrics. I almost forgot about Angry Colt!