Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Really Hope You're Kidding

Carol is using the ol' "look at my butt" technique to intimidate her rival, then follows up with the "direct question no one would ever ask a stranger." And it's totally working! Tommie is so rattled that her facial expression, hand gesture and what she's saying have no relation to one another.


molly said...

"I want a real answer!" then "Whoa, TMI, Tommie!"

This lady sure is a pistol! A snappy go-getter, a real dynamo!

I was lucky enough to catch part of The Horse Whisperer recently, and this story seems to be following it pretty close. Down to the motherly figure who wants to make sure no city slicker hussy is going to hurt her tough-exteriored, but mushy-innarded cowboy friend.

Allen said...

@Molly, my thoughts exactly. Carol pulled a 180ยบ in exactly... 2 seconds maybe?

Whenever Shulock wants to write a "sassy" character, they always just wind up acting like psychopaths who don't understand how humans interact (and don't quite understand the English language for that matter).

And why exactly would Tommie fall in love with Jack? He's done nothing but drink scotch, act apathetic, not talk, and make Tommie dig manure all day.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Yeah yeah yeah! What's up with that finger?

NonnyMus said...


That's our Mags Shulock! She's very original!