Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Lot Going On

Welp. Lu Ann's jacket is back on. Martin, if you thought you were seducing Lu Ann with your sweet nothings about struggling to suppress your rage, I guess you blew it by meeting any concerns about your daughter with a big "Meh." Time to break open the jam?

P.S. It's pretty ridiculous that Margo and Martin and everyone else is like "oh Margo has a lot on her plate right now" when she has one, maybe two things on her plate if you actually count her job.


Dude said...

Dig it!

Sugar Packet said...

Margo has loads on her plate!
1. planning her mom's wedding
2. that. psychic.
3. Sam! he's pretty needy
4. making sure the girls remember whose turn it is to cook dinner
5. job?
6. Facebook
7. pilates, hello! this figure (?) doesn't keep itself

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

OMG! My wish is coming true! "That smug creature" is back! And Margo's dad is trying to set up a meeting between him and Lu Ann! I can't wait to see him push all her buttons again! YESSS!!!

Turtlenecks 4 All! said...

How something can be simultaneously banal and surreal is beyond me, but this storyline has done just that!