Friday, March 27, 2015

Not Even a Hint

Look at Margo's pure dismay. "Could it be possible that you really know this little about the movie you were cast for? Did you even talk to the actual casting director? Do you know for sure that it wasn't your mom on the other line?"

Typically, there is a hint of who's going to play James Bond: the guy who played him in the previous film. He usually has a pretty good shot at the role, Skyler. But I guess I could see Greg Cooper going Lazenby... rejecting the role after one film, growing a beard and long hair... or in this case, growing an amorphous hat and overcoat.

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Barking Monkey said...

Apparently the thing Skylar isn't telling Margo is the producers have elected to take the franchise in a bold, new direction - Bond as a one woman show: "The Blond Beyond Bond - Reflections of Lulu Kachuchuu"