Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Too Far

What is happening to Margo?  Maybe she's had some sort of off-panel traumatic brain injury that's causing her to become emotionally unstable.  Or Frank Bolle and Margaret Shulock are using Margo's growing isolation and anger as a coded plea to let them stop this strip.

Ordinarily, I enjoy when she's icy and tough, but now she's just being a witch with a b.  Watch out Tommie...I hope you're working triples at the hospital again.


Dawn Weston's Evil (and peevish) Twin said...

Carol Collins needs to arrive on the scene and set Margo straight! Who does she think she is? Of all the nerve!

Mark said...

This is so obviously a menopause plot.

TimP said...

Aren't they presumably at 3-G? I mean, it could be the Tribecca Grill with all of the cues we get in the background.
Still, I think we can see Lu Ann almost starting to reach her breaking point and who can blame her?