Monday, March 2, 2015

Perfectly Fine

Oh no.  Margo's second layer of jacket is off, and it was only that thin layer of polyester that was restraining her contempt and the swirl of emotions that have been bubbling her since she began wandering the yellow brick street.  Off to the nickelodeon with you insipid blonde roommate!


Rose, a damsel in distress said...

"I'm fine" ?!? "I'm fine" ?!? How I HATE that expression. There's something smug about it... "I'm fine." Harumph!

Violet Wister said...


Wow, that Margo ... what a meanie!

fauxprof said...

Haven't been reading this strip that long, but let's see if I have the dynamics straight: LuAnne is sweet but dim, Tommie is a martyr, and Margo is a sociopath?