Monday, March 16, 2015

Homemade Jam

Well if you thought it was interesting to see where the Return of Skylar Roan was going, YOU WERE WRONG, it's way cooler to talk about (deeply out-of-season) strawberry jam! Mmm, mm! Lu Ann/Skyler/Carol Collins made it out of strawberries she found at a local farmer's market two months in the future! Strapping raven-haired men like Martin/Sam/Greg Cooper/Trey Brooks love it!

Seriously though, what? If my roommate went over to my dad's hotel room to give him a homemade present, while I'm clearly in a bad mood, AND she wore her sexiest turtleneck? I'd be livid. I have to assume she's only there to run into Mr. Six Flags button-pusher again.


Anonymous said...

Ms Shulock has been watching HBO and Showtime, and she knows that in order to get ratings up, she has to go dark. Things have to veer off the rails a bit.

And what better plot development than to give Margo (who has, let's face it, always been the enjoyable wild card of the 3-G'ers) a treatable mental illness, one that needs an intervention by her roommate and father, one that explains her behavior, one that ret-cons the world of 3-G into something to talk about: Margo is bi-opolar.

Ok, it's a mild case of bipolar.
Ok, it's a not very smooth transition.
Ok, it's not a very sensitive way to treat a serious topic, but there are serious topics all the damned time in Rex Morgan, so why not here?
Ok, its not as cutting edge as making her have gender dysphoria. (But imagine *that* for a moment, eh? Changes the whole dynamic. Are you listening, Ms Shulock?)

Or maybe Margo just has low blood sugar. Jam will fix that right up.

(Another thought--maybe Margo is getting Adderall from that kid in Gil Thorp?)

Sugar Packet said...

Now now! Maybe it's jam she preserved last year? And she's just getting around to giving it away, because she wants to clear the shelves to make more this year? I can buy it. But why is Carol Collins talking to Sam the assistant in the Towers Hotel? To borrow a phrase: "None of this makes any sense!"

Barking Monkey said...

Would you still be livid if she was desperately trying to address the floor-to-ceiling jam clutter her jam-making OCD had filled your apartment with by shoving armfuls of jam onto everyone remotely in her social circle after she’d already jam-packed all the local foodbanks and shelters? (‘Cuz when the jam-fever comes, jamming’s gotta run its’ course.) …um, JAM!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

YESSS!!!! Please, oh, please let that smug creature return and push all of Lu Ann's buttons! I can't wait.