Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Latest Conquest

Wait a second Margo, I'm confused: do you mean my military campaign against the Huns or—OH, no, you probably mean the movie!

I hope we do get a couple of days of description of the plot, because I would love to hear Margaret Shulock's interpretation of a Bond movie. "It's called Dr. Live and Let Gold Dying Twice Diamonds is Not Enough. James Bond is back, and this time, it's personal! I'll play the part of Lulu Kachuchu, a lady romantically spurned by Bond, which is enough of a reason for her to try to blow up London, because, men! What can we do without them? Eh? Margo?"


Downpuppy said...

What a plot! Mrs. Dr Horsehead has finally defeated SuperCaptainCoolman & only James Bond can stop him.

Wouldn't we all love it if they stopped A3G for a few months and showed that instead?

Obtuse said...

It's quite apparent in panel one that "Skyler" is actually someone else wearing a Skyler mask! Who is the dastardly impostor and what is their nefarious scheme, hmmmm?

Sugar Packet said...

Obtuse: could it be Evan Graham, Margo's former assistant with a history of poor decision-making? Oh, how I wish!

Obtuse said...

That would be cool, SP, Margo's nemesis returns with the Power of the Finger, Margo's one weakness!