Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Margo Breaks Down

Ooh. You know you're in a bad mood when you sour the kelly green curtains.

According to our labeling system, in the almost-six-year (yike) history of this strip, Margo has cried in four panels total prior to today's meltdown, including one bout of tears that instantly turned to suspicion, and one spell of crocodile tears. For comparison, Lu Ann has eight panels of tears. Seven for Tommie. Apparently she only cried once about the whole "fake fiancee dying in a plane crash" thing? But she spent aaaaaaaaages in a tearless animal ranching funk.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but is the strip setting Margo up to be diagnosed as bipolar?

As I think this over, many of the usual traits of Ms McGee are close enough to hypo-mania: she takes on too much, she thinks she can do anything, she thinks other people are weak and stupid, she has brief but intense affairs with men she sometimes says she will marry after only a short time, she changes jobs suddenly and throws herself into every new adventure without caution.

But now we have unexplained sadness, out of character indecisiveness, semi-hallucinations of men on the street, wandering about at midnight, awakening very early and expecting others to be awake, monologues of self-description and criticism on the sidewalk-- -it's getting a bit creepy to me.

bwebster said...

I think she's entering perimenopause and will go through these mood swings for the next twenty years or so.