Friday, March 20, 2015

Happier Terms

Thursday March 19, 2015
 Look who it is look who it is!

Friday March 20, 2015
He has a name now! I guess he's going to be a regular character? I still find it highly unlikely that Lu Ann would go for a bald guy, but if an A3G lady talks to the same guy more than once, she's kind of obligated to date him. Even if he is a smug creature.


Downpuppy said...

The mouths have gone. Everyone is now a grinner or a grouper. Instead of cutting off the characters just below the shoulders. Frank may soon just be showing noses & scalps.

Scott P. said...

Mr. Clean has returned!

Lu Ann Powers said...

That smug creature pushed all my buttons! Again! (including the erotic activator button, and also, maybe the G-spot)

TimP said...

This does count as some kind of dramatic tension, right? I know it's setting the bar low, but this conversation is already lightyears better than the inside-outside Tommie/Carol dialogues.