Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Apology Accepted

Um, what?  Looking back, I guess you were kind of snippy with Eric on August 28th, but you were both so much younger and different looking then.  And he did have to explain why he wasn't dead and found thyroid addled Margo wandering  around the streets. 


Kibo said...

My favorite version of Eric was the one from October 17, when Frank Bolle mistakenly drew him with Greg's black hair and then someone (perhaps the artist, perhaps the syndicate colorist) "fixed" his hair with white paint. (If you click to get the big version of the strip on Comics Kingdom, the retouching is obvious. That's the only day where his hair appears to have been slathered with mayonnaise.)

If the strip gets a decent Viking funeral at the end of the year (assuming the veracity of the Union-Leader's report of its imminent demise) I want to see a Sunday strip where all the characters throw a big hair dye party and all switch colors and nobody can tell Greg and Eric apart or Margo, Lu Ann, and Tommie apart and it leads to hilarious mix-ups and crazy mis-understandings and then one of the women says "BLEAT BLEAT" and it turns out that "Margo" is just Lily with black hair. Fun!

But I'd rather just suddenly see the strip get rebooted by a different writer and artist. Don't even wrap up the current storyline or attempt to maintain continuity with the look of the strip. Just drop the cow. Suddenly New Margo, New Tommie, and New Lu Ann are moving into the apartment for the very first time. No coma, no undead boyfriend. PUSH THE JOLLY, CANDY-LIKE RED HISTORY ERASER BUTTON!

Elaine said...

Looks like this has already been noted, above. Sad news, I think... From the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: Finding I was right three times was charming

Because it doesn't happen very often, it rattles me when I am right about something.

It has happened three times already this year, which has me all shook up and means I may as well not buy that lottery ticket this year.

The first one I got right was actually due to the Lady of the House, who is right more often than she is wrong. She had been telling me for quite awhile that the “Apartment 3-G’’ comic strip in our daily paper was long past its expiration date. She said the story line made no sense and the drawing had deteriorated.

When I took a look, I knew she was right but I still delayed doing anything because I hate to get yelled at by angry comic-strip readers. When I finally dumped “3-G,’’ I guessed I wasn’t going to get a lot of complaints.
- See more at: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20151019/LOCALVOICES02/151019266#sthash.GYZgUfmR.dpuf