Monday, October 26, 2015

I Don't Feel Right About This

Friday October 23, 2015
Saturday October 24, 2015

Monday October 26, 2015
I miss Margo. Is this strip going to cruise on into the sunset before Margo can wake up and berate her loved ones for missing all two days of symptoms of hyperthyroidism before it escalated to full-on thyroid storm coma?

BTW, what's Margo's Glasgow coma score? Can we talk to an actual doctor at some point? I'm starting to fear that Tommie is "nursing" Margo like Bette Davis was "nursing" Joan Crawford in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Maybe Tommie got everyone out on the street, hastily constructed some "Hospital" and "Emergency Room" signs, slapped them all over the apartment, and then rushed Margo in to the "ER." Judging by the backgrounds and Tommie's behavior, I deem this theory PLAUSIBLE. She's not even wearing scrubs!


Downpuppy said...

The sheer laziness - after 50 years - to let a strip die in such utter shambles is really irking me today. Would it kill the syndicate to spring for the $19.95 it would cost to get a real artist to draw the last few strips? To put a bug under Shulock & demand a few good panels?

As they say in New York - Oy.

RockDoc said...

Silly Maggie, I'm pretty sure that nurses in A3Gland don't wear scrubs. They wear white dresses and nurse caps.

fauxprof said...

On Tuesday, Greg showed up--he's the actor, right? Soon we'll have an entire room of men who are indistinguishable one from the other, since hair color seems to shift unpredictably.

Anonymous said...

And so it ends, not with a bang but with a whimper. If this strip ends its life with every character from Taser Lady to the deer showing up in Margo's hospital room to watch her die, I'm going to be crushingly disappointed.

Kibo said...

"What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" is an amazing movie. It would make a great double-feature with "The Best of Everything", another Joan Crawford classic (in which she has peripheral role.) As I've mentioned before, "Apartment 3-G" was originally inspired by "The Best of Everything" (technically, it was inspired by the Rona Jaffee novel the movie was based on) but if it's mutated into being "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" this suggests that if the strip were to survive, it would descend into progressively worse Joan Crawford movies -- 2016's storyline would be "Mommie Dearest" and 2017 would be "Trog". Just imagine the wire-hanger beatings and caveman romances.

Sadly, they've skipped over my favorite Joan Crawford performance, in the pilot of "Rod Serling's Night Gallery" -- directed by that young Spielberg guy -- in which Joan Crawford was a blind woman who bought Tom Bosley's eyeballs. That was about the only "Night Gallery" episode that wasn't so dull that it could put goldfish into a coma.