Friday, October 9, 2015

Sounds Familiar

Thursday October 8, 2015
I initially read Martin's "Hello" as "Hellooo" which made me like him a lot more. Like "oookay, 'it's a long story but I've always loved your daughter' is not an acceptable reason to get all up in my grill on the sidewalk . To one side, 'young man.' My gray flannel suit and tie outranks your blue blazer."

Battle of the white-haired dudes! Thank goodness they're wearing different colored jackets or this could get really confusing.

 Friday October 9, 2015
WHAT HAPPENED TO THE JACKETS?? WHO IS THIS?? WHO'S THAT LADY?? Is Martin talking to Gabby or is Eric talking to Thelma the waitress?

It literally took me several read-throughs to understand that those are supposed to be two different men in those two panels. THAT SAID, Eric is on a roll with the hilarious dialogue. "I'm Eric Mills, and I'm afraid there's more" is quite likely the new banner caption for this site.


Fiendish Man said...

When Eric says "It's a long story, but I've always loved your daughter" to Martin, it reminds me of the Leo-Piper romance on the TV show "Charmed". Leo once explained to Piper that he had been aware for a long time that they were soulmates and that he had been observing her since she was born. Piper threw her hands up and was like, "AHHHHH! No more! Too Creepy!" You know, like you do when your husband tells you that he's had the hots for you from Day One.

Eric, I think, is a Whitelighter, just like Leo. It would explain how he got out of certain death in Asia, and how he was able to suddenly appear to Margo in the street and just as quickly disappear. Also, it explains why he looks as old as Margo's dad.

If this storyline does turn out to be a parallel of "Charmed", the payoff will be when Margo, Lu Ann, and Tommie cast a power of three spell to vanquish Gabriella's controlling psychic friend. In flames!

molly said...

I'm Eric Mills and I'm afraid there's more. I have a middle name, too.

fauxprof said...

Since we last saw Gabby, she has completely changed her hair color, lost at least twenty pounds, and has had the most amazing facelift in the history of plastic surgery. I'll have what she's having! Of course, tomorrow she may morph right back.

Rachel said...

long time reader, first time to comment!

I must say, someone should check up on Frank Bolle, because, really, this is just atrocious. We can't even have characters stay in the same setting, with the same clothes, or even remotely the same vague facial structure from one strip to the next! Poor Gabriella has gone from trite, stereotype-laden, spiritual Latina woman to a white-haired, WASP-y piece of arm candy for Martin, to a salt-and-pepper bridezilla being bamboozled by the laziest scam artist in the history of supernatural scams, to what we have presently: a pastel brown pseudo-Luann.


Anonymous said...

I'm Eric Mills and I'm afraid there's more. We're
trapped in a constantly changing world where even our faces and clothes morph from second to second. I'm afraid there's still more. We are compelled to utter the most stilted, strange and even absurd sentences - no more than two each per panel. Is there no hope!

Anonymous said...

I'm on pins and needles to see what Margo looks like when she makes her reappearance!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Operating under the assumption that this strip makes some kind of logical sense, I went back in the blog archives to the post from May 10th to see what Gabriella and Diane Devine looked like the last time that we saw them. Et VOILA! I have a theory! Diane Devine has cast a spell so that everyone who looks at her only sees Gabby. The real Gabby is locked away in an attic, writing out huge checks to Diane Devine. Diane has also cast a spell on Martin so that he thinks that he is Eric Mills, too, and he's having a conversation with himself. The real Eric Mills is off in A3G limbo along with Greg Cooper, Skyler Roan, and Evan Graham. There! That all makes perfect sense! And now, it's time for DWET to find a poolside seat and a margarita at the Charterstone condo complex in Santa Royale!

Anonymous said...

In the first panel, what exactly is Eric knocking on? Did he just stride up behind Martin and rap him on the back of the head?

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Margarita consumed ... poolside enjoyed ... I'm back ...
Martin, wait!!! That's not Gabriella! That's Diane Devine posing as Gabriella! RUN!!!
Maybe, on your way to Manhattan General, you can stop in at Diner, and Thelma the waitress can help you. And, while you're there, Margo's "new boss" still owes her a dinner roll with butter.
Whew! So much excitement.

Barking Monkey said...

“I’m Eric Mills, and I’m afraid there’s more” (pulls off latex mask mission-impossible style) “I’m also Leslie Nielson!

Also, I hate to poop on a first time commenter (welcome Rachel!) but I seriously want Frank to expire with an illustrating pen in one hand and a martini in the other - and I don't care how surreal things get for that to happen. GO FRANK, GO!!

Obtuse said...

DWET, I think you nailed who Gabriella has morphed into, Diane Devine! Barking, I couldn't agree with you more, who wouldn't want to go doing what they love!
"I'm Eric Mills and I'm afraid there's more....You're going to be grandparents!!"