Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Final Curtain?

In real-life A3G news, Monday's comments revealed rumors swirling around the future of the strip: both that the strip maybe be totally shelved by the end of the year, and that there is interest among Mark Trail artist James Allen to take over the strip. There's a great discussion going on at The Comics Curmudgeon about this, which I've seen a few of you weigh in on. I added my thoughts in the comments, and have reproduced them here:

This is extremely sad and inevitable news. As one of the bloggers on The Lovely Ladies of Apartment 3G, I’ve had really mixed feeling about snarking on the increasingly David Lynch-ian fugue state that is Apartment 3-G. Because, while there’s nothing quite so dreamlike or discombobulating as A3G right now, it does make me worry about Frank Bolle’s health. (And Margaret Shulock’s, for that matter.) Remember when we thought the “I Dressed in the Dark” makeover storyline might be a clever way of ushering in a new artist? That was five years ago.
So sad as it will be, it’s time to close this chapter of the strip. Hopefully, it’s not the last chapter. I would be really really excited to see this revamped by an all-female creative team. In lieu of that, Jared Allen is a clever, detailed artist that might just have the industry clout to save A3G from the final curtain. I’m certainly willing to stand in support of any way to keep this strip afloat, and would be glad to lend my deep knowledge of A3G history and writing services if that would help the cause. I’m that invested in Margo. And Tommie–honestly I’m more of a Tommie. We all are. That’s why we need Margo.

And then I added a second comment about how Jared AllenJames Allen. James, I meant JAMES. Stupid, stupid!


Halifax O'Dougal said...

So suddenly the glacial pace and endless repetitions all make sense: if the strip is ending on a certain date, then the creative team is doing what I used to do with high school and college papers--padding them to make the word/page limit. Repeat the plot, say it again, set up some straw men and knock 'em down, and finish with a bit more repetition.

I used to wonder if the professor could possibly make it through all the fluff and bother, but I was too chicken to just write total nonsense in some of the later pages to see if I could get away with it.

Is there a reason to hope that the 3-G creative team has more gumption than I do? Maybe they will just go hog wild near the end, abandon the tattered shreds of naturalism, and let 'er rip.

Here's few suggestions for one version, Apt 3-G, in which the G is for Galactic

Margo is an alien being, and the Queen of whatever planet she inhabits, this we all know already. So go ahead and reveal her plot to connect with all of earth's men and then transiently date them (marry them, get engaged to them, hire them as assistants, buy their buildings, make them try to kill her, you get the idea), but NEVER consummating the relationship, leaving them confused and desiring only her, altering the Earth's mating and reproduction system so dramatically that humans will simply die out.
Luann is a member of an Observer Race, all powerful and all knowing, except Luann was dropped on her head as a child, and so they sent her to Earth to "play" in a place she could do no harm.
Tommie is a nurse who needed a cheap place to live.

molly said...

In your defense, Maggie, maybe Jared Allen is a clever, detailed artist. A man can have more than one talent!

Chrissy said...

I've been enjoying your blog, and thought I'd better post a comment while I can! Just wanted to say that whatever's happening at 3-G, it's a self-inflicted wound. If the current creative team really cared about the legacy of the strip, they could have worked harder, rather than slacking off to the point where the syndicate finally has to put it out of its misery. They could have tried to hire an assistant for Mr. Bolle or at least reused panels from older strips (with better artwork) and written new captions (hey, Family Circus seems to do it on a regular basis). They could have let this once-great comic classic go out wit some dignity. They did not. Sad, but also irritating.

Chrissy said...

p.s. WITH some dignity. Although "wit" sounds sort of cool in a New Joisey accent. ;-)

fauxprof said...

There was a brilliant suggestion in the Comics Curmudgeon discussion. New artist, new writer, and a complete reboot to the series inception in 1961. The nostalgia/Mad Men vibe would be a real shot in the arm for the continuity strip concept.

I do feel a great deal of sadness for Frank Bolle, however. It's a crying shame that the deterioration of his talent has been in public view, and subject to our constant comments (and I include myself in the condemnation).