Friday, October 30, 2015

The Man Who Loves You

I like the theories proposed by Rock Doc that we're just entering—or just departing—a dream-like mental state happening inside Margo's head. Which might be a good way of explaining, say, why Margo awoke from her coma bolt upright, perhaps even standing, or why the medical staff allowed her hair to stay in a bun the entire time. But it wouldn't explain the complete disconnect between the dialogue and the artwork, right?

And also, never, not even in my craziest most inventive robot dreams did anyone ever say something like "The man who loves me—where is he?"


Anonymous said...

That's because you're not Mags Shulock, who uses the phrase everyday!

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Here's a theory...these two panels of dude plus Margo are really two different dudes who magically look alike, as they tend to do in A3G.
Man 1 (Eric?): I'm right here, Margo. I didn't go away.
Man 2 (Greg?): I'm the man who loves you, Margo.
Margo: No, not you! The other one! (Eric? Greg? who knows?)
Secretly, Margo is wishing that that dreamy, blond Evan Graham will show up again ... Too bad he's probably in prison.

Dawn Weston's Evil Twin said...

Next week, Mary Worth will be in NYC, and there is going to be a crossover with another comic, according to the official Mary Worth site:

I myself am secretly hoping that Margo Magee will wander out of Manhattan General Hospital and find herself at the airport. As she tries to shove a well-dressed, smoothly mannered sixty-something woman to the side, muttering, "Out of my way!" Mary Worth will brush off her sleeve and say to Margo, "I'm your new boss!" This will all be a prelude to the Moy/Giella team from "Mary Worth" taking over the helm of "Apartment 3-G."

Allen said...

DWET: Oh please YES! That would be my dream come true right there!

Obtuse said...

I must say I amm sorely disappointed that Margo still looks like herself!