Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Good for Her

Tuesday October 27, 2015

Wednesday October 28, 2015
Jesus Christ, we couldn't have Greg coming straight from set and dressed up like a pirate or an astronaut or something? Unless he's working on the newest James Bond movie, The Man with the Cyan Dinner Jacket.

How the heck did Skyler find out about Margo's coma anyway? Snopes? Could be that Margo is such a PR genius that she's using this as an opportunity to get old clients to stop by and maybe give her some sympathy business. Clever girl.


Anonymous said...

Just more quality writing from Mags Shulock.

Allen said...

I just read about the strip possibly ending. The only reason I'm sad is because I DON'T want this blog to end!! Honestly, it would be a dream come true if the writer/artist of Mary Worth would take over. That would be a comedic gold mine!

Barking Monkey said...

I’m more confused than usual by the background d├ęcor. Specifically what’s behind Tommie in the 1st panel of today’s strip – it looks like some kind of bamboo paneling. Does Manhattan General share space with a Trader Vics?

Also, as I’ve been silent since the whole A3G ending thing blew up let me throw this out; One possibility I haven’t seen suggested so far (probably because there’s about zero chance of it happening) is running ‘classic’ A3G from the start of the strip in the ‘60s. If ‘Peanuts’ can cash in with old not-funny-anymore strips I’m sure A3G can be just as unfunny on a daily basis, maybe even more so!
It wouldn’t be as good as running new strips in a period piece manner as suggested previously, but it would have to be cheaper. Maybe we could bribe ‘em to do it with a nice roll with butter.

And yes – I’m clutching at straws b/c I’ve come to love you snarky, maladjusted cynics.

Anon said...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, WTH is up with these mid-conversation "wee hours" hair and wardrobe changes? Tommie's hair is an inch shorter today (emergency 3 AM haircut?) and her shirt keeps changing from a turtleneck to a button up blouse with a collar from one moment to the next. It makes my head spin.

Ryan said...

How can Greg Cooper have been on a shoot for seven weeks? didn't he see Margo back in June which is apparently only two days ago in strip time?

Anonymous said...

Where's Luann in all this? Shouldn't she show up at some point if Margo is now so gravely ill that she's actually slipped into a coma? Or is she too busy having one of her oddly sexually charged baths?