Friday, October 2, 2015

These Last Two Days

Thursday October 1, 2015

Friday October 2, 2015
TWO DAYS? Was this really all happening over two days?! Holy moley. I question everything in my life now.

In the comments the other day, nimuejohn mentioned that this all started with Margo in the shower at 2:00 in the morning complaining about being hot... which was, as he said, in January 2015, but just a day ago in strip time. At the time, I had a little laugh and then hit myself repeatedly over the head with a frying pan to make sure that memory didn't keep. But, my god, he's right. Sweet Mary and Joseph. You could even argue that her erratic behavior began before that, though it's pretty hard to distinguish between Margo-erratic and hyperthyroidism-erratic.

So, this incredibly arduous set-up for Margo's diagnosis of hyperthyroidism took over nine months of our lives, and happened over a couple of days in the strip. I could've been painting a masterpiece, or writing a book. Man.


Kibo said...

The current storyline is now eleven days from being a year old -- it started on October 13, 2014. Tommie's storyline had ended, and Margo's parents wanted to get married.

So, 365 days of Earth time is roughly equal to two days of Special Time. This could shatter our understanding of all that Einstein stuff, and hamburgers will eat people.

fauxprof said...

OK, now that we've sort of established a benchmark for A3G relative time, does that mean Eric was only missing for a matter of months instead of five years? Just askin', math is not my strong point.

Anonymous said...

Strip time law states that if a character says he's been away for 5 years, he's been away for 5 years even if it's been 3 months strip time. Let's just call it the Mills Effect.

D. Bean said...

And now we have have Tommie advising Eric to use his Tibetan Nun magic or whatever to evade hospital staffers and stay in Margo's room all night! Hilarious!!

TimK said...

I can't help thinking of an episode of The Golden Girls from about 1987 or so, where an exchange similar to this happens:

BLANCHE (looking at newspaper, laughing)
ROSE (enters): What's so funny, Blanche?
BLANCHE (holds up newspaper): Would you look at Marmaduke drivin' that car? I tell you, I do love my funnies...every day, Marmaduke and Apartment 3-G!
DOROTHY (chuckling): I haven't read Apartment 3-G since...1961!
BLANCHE (helpfully): Well, let me catch you up. It is later the same day.