Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poor Lu Ann

Please let it be about how stupid Lu Ann looks with her new hair. She'll never be curator now!

Incidentally, it seems Lu Ann is the new Tommie. And it's really getting annoying. First of all, as a brunette I'm a little offended by her attitude toward brown hair - even if her hair is only borderline brunette. Secondly, as a rational human being I'm offended by her inability to SHUT UP FOR ONE MINUTE ABOUT HER DAMNED HAIR.


Maggie said...

A Freaky Friday-style switch between Lu Ann's self-confident, semi-interesting personality and Tommie's boring, complainy personality? I'm offended as a brunette myself, but I am glad to see Lu Ann's hair is browning nicely.

Mike said...

As offensive as this all might be to anybody who doesn't have naturally blond hair (which is really only considerate considering how offensive
Lu Ann has been to anybody with naturally blond hair over the years), I have to give the artist many, many, almost infinite points for capturing the "total and complete misery guts" expression on not-blond Lu Ann's face. Seriously, the look in the second (sadly in some instances throwaway) panel almost makes me feel bad for her because Jesus H. Christ, if she's that miserable, how can anybody with an ounce of humanity not, at least, feel some sort of sympathy.

But then I remember it's Lu Ann and I become an asshole again.

Carlye said...

Lu Ann should "lighten up", know what I mean? She's just one little ol bottle of peroxide away from her old dumb blond self!

Carolyn said...

Was Luann *ALWAYS* this narcissistic and shallow? I'm surprised Margo hasn't shipped her to eldritch horrors beyond space and time yet.