Friday, September 24, 2010

That's a Good Girl

I like how the "dark corner" seems to be just as light as the rest of the restaurant. And that Ruby seems to have stolen Kat's pearl necklace. I just find it hard to believe that Ruby walked up to Kat, showed her pictures of Lu Ann, Tommie and Margo and said "Look at those three, they look ridiculous, they need a makeover! Now excuse me, I need to go out and find a chartreuse satin ribbon to match my new cardigan. Don't you just love my oblong, translucent white earrings? I think they really flatter the curve of my lobes."

As an individual with naturally curly hair, I find myself slightly offended by how much Lu Ann hates her hair. Just because it only looks really good on days with zero percent humidity doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. That being said, Lu Ann does kind of look like a cocker spaniel:

What Ruby should have done was just give Lu Ann a nice pat on the head and a Milkbone.


mrvy said...

I like the cocker spaniel hair. I can't understand why everybody's fine with the toga.

Now her hair really does look brown and not auburn. Maybe the colorist got a raise?

McClure said...

So with you on the Ruby thing. I'm still a little mad about it! Poor Ruby...